Positive impact on people and planet

ACCIONA has believed in sustainable energy as a vehicle to change the world for 30 years

Regenerate the planet

We are a company with a defined purpose. Since our origins, our goal has been a passion for providing energy solutions that help combat climate change. It is not enough to reduce our carbon footprint. We want to drive a positive impact that allows us to regenerate the planet and reverse the damage caused.

ACCIONA Energía in figures


of equivalent homes supplied with 100% renewable energy






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In 17 countries on five continents.

Technologies and solutions

Technologies and solutions

We operate exclusively in technologies and solutions that drive the energy transition




Our pillars


Sustainability is an intrinsic value for ACCIONA Energía. All our activity is directly focused on providing the most appropriate energy solutions to decarbonize the economy and generate a positive impact on the planet that makes development sustainable.


For 30 years, we have been pioneers in the implementation of solutions that have subsequently become standards in the renewable sector. From the first commercial wind farms to the first industrial green hydrogen molecule produced in the country, our history is also the history of knowledge applied to achieving a decarbonized energy system.