The purpose of this Agreement is to set out rules applicable to the relations between ACCIONA and ACCIONA Energía (and their respective Groups), in particular, in accordance with Recommendation 2 of the Good Corporate Governance Code, in the following matters (without limitation):

  • (A) the definition of the area of activity of ACCIONA Energía and that of the ACCIONA Energía Group of companies, including the management of conflicts of interest, mechanisms for the resolution of potential conflicts and the regulation of business opportunities, based on the principles of preference and protection of the interests of ACCIONA Energía's minority shareholders;
  • (B) the approval procedure for and the consideration of related party transactions, establishing the general framework applicable to any works, goods and services performed, sold or otherwise provided by any of the Parties to the other, either directly or via any other entities of their respective Groups, and which will be implemented in separate agreements between the two Parties or the relevant companies of their respective groups;
  • (C) the regulation of information flows between the Parties in order to
    • (i) comply with their management requirements and legal obligations and those of their respective regulators,
    • (ii) effectively design the policies and coordinate the general strategies of the ACCIONA Group (including the ACCIONA Energía Group) and
    • (iii) such other purposes as are in the common interest and benefit of the Parties.