We are experts in distributed generation solutions to reduce companies' electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint.


Distributed generation consists of generating electricity at a place close to the point of consumption. This proximity makes it possible to connect directly to the distribution grid, thus reducing electricity losses and avoiding the payment of tolls for accessing the transmission grid. This type of solution is used for customers who are connected to the grid (on grid) and who seek to complete their supply totally or partially with a self-consumption installation.

At ACCIONA Energía, as part of our comprehensive decarbonization solutions, we size the self-consumption capacity required by each client to optimize their resources and maximize the associated energy and economic savings.


We offer distributed generation solutions through renewable self-consumption (wind, photovoltaic, among others) for both grid-connected and off-grid systems.


After analyzing the consumption profile, resource evaluation, land availability and local regulations, we develop customized solutions within the customer's facilities (roofs, parking lots...) or on land adjacent to the point of electricity consumption.

We also develop micro-grid solutions for off-grid installations, sizing and installing batteries and other backup systems to complement the installed power and avoid temporary power outages.

In the event that more energy is generated than consumed at any given time, our own marketer takes care of the management of the surplus energy, injecting the unused energy into the grid and selling it on the electricity market.


The renewable project is developed, built and operated by ACCIONA Energía, which assumes the development and installation costs and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project during its useful life.

  1. Economic savings

    The energy bill is reduced through a specific contract for the life of the project.

  2. Spending certainty

    A long-term energy contract allows you to plan your energy expenditure and reduce the risk arising from the volatility of the electricity market.

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  3. Simplicity and clarity

    We take care of all the formalities, execution of the works, monitoring, maintenance, etc., with transparent conditions.

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  4. Sustainability

    The self-consumption installation directly reduces CO2 and sulfur dioxide emissions among other polluting gases, reducing the company's carbon footprint.

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  5. Reputational enhancement

    A commitment to efficiency, innovation and renewable energies increases corporate social responsibility and enhances brand image.

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  6. Space optimization

    A self-consumption installation often allows the use of wasted space on the ground, facade, roof or surrounding areas.

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